Newsletter – September, 2020  

Next meeting – September 22, 2020 – zoom opens at 5:30pm CST

Hi Modern Quilters,
Did you attend The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show virtually?  This Quilt Show was awesome as well as free! 😊 Wisconsin PBS did a fabulous job of providing a quality quilt show experience, great lectures, vendors, and more.  Bill Kerr had a lecture on great Quilt finishes;  Weeks Ringle- Palette Building: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why;  Tammie Bowser – How to Sew Art the Easy Way (making portraits); Lori Kennedy – Easy Machine Quilting, and Judy GAUTHIER – Sensational Quilts for Scrap Lovers were among my favorites.

I hope you’ve joined the Take a Chance Challenge.  The photos are starting to show up and the projects are awesome.  So glad to see that last month’s talk has been embraced by members of the challenge.  There are some great interleaving examples making their way to the Shutterfly Challenge site.  We’ll share the projects at the next meeting and roll for the requirements of our challenge for October.  It’s not too late to join the challenge but time is running out.  Signup, joining the challenge website, and posting of photos must be done by 2 pm on Tuesday, September 22.  The grand prize is $250 right now.

The rest of 2020 is full of great programs and we’re starting to book into 2021.  Will we ever meet in person again?  I hope so but we’re taking advantage of opportunities to book speakers we never could have if we had them come in person.  Hopefully you feel like you’re in good hands to continue to be inspired and quilt on!

Jill Fisher will be joining us on September 22!

BNMQG September 22, 2020

Join BNMQG on September 22, 2020 at 6:00 to welcome Jill Fisher @pieladyquilts as our guest speaker.  Jill Fisher is an improvisational quilter from Iowa City, IA. Her specialty is working in a series with solids and telling stories with her quilts. Jill will present her lecture and virtual trunk show, “Unlocking the Joy in Scraps” in which she shares how to be inspired by what you have in front of you. Check out Jill’s original work at or @pieladyquilts on Instagram.  You don’t want to miss this one!

This event is FREE to BNMQG members.  Guests are welcome to join us for $5.50.

Guest Tickets for this event are no longer available. 

JOIN US on Zoom – Put a reminder in your phone or on your calendar and join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday night (September 22) at 5:30 pm via Zoom.  This is a FREE event for members. Join us at 5:30 to allow time for people to join the meeting and for a little social time.  And as always, we’ll start the meeting at 6pm with announcements and committee reports, then our featured presenter – Jill Fisher, followed by a quick show and tell (of course). Please encourage your BNMQG friends to check for their Zoom link and invite non-members to attend.

Watch your email – you should receive a link in your email to get into Zoom for the meeting.  ** The email will come from Lisa B from her work email at  We chose ZOOM because it is the best platform to use as it works easily for people with all sorts of tech skills.  The email that you receive will have options for joining the meeting – the easiest is to click the link in the email to go directly to the meeting.  Read the email to see other options.   If you haven’t done ZOOM before, please join early in case you have any technical problems. Make sure to sign in using your name so we’ll let you into the meeting from the waiting room.  If we’re not letting you in, watch for a message in the waiting room – it’s probably because we don’t recognize you.  There will be a phone number to call in the invite if you have any trouble.

The travel isn’t long.  The weather isn’t a problem.  ZOOM is really easy (just ask anyone who has attended our meeting via zoom).  Lisa B. does an amazing job of running the behind-the-scenes stuff.   AND if you’re still intimidated by the technology, email me.  We can have a private zoom (it probably would only take 10-15 minutes) in the days before the meeting so you can see how easy it is.  We want all of our members to be able to attend our meetings and it’s so much fun to see each other.

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$250 Grand Prize! :-)


There is less than one week left to sign up for the Take a Chance Challenge! Sign up HERE. The Grand Prize is at least $250 right now.

Take a Chance Challenge

Do this today…
1) Sign up and pay.  The rules are posted here as well.
2) Finish a project with orange and curves for Month 1.
3) Take a photo and upload it HERE to our Shutterfly site  NO LATER THAN 2 PM September 22 (the day of our next BNMQG meeting).  Make sure that you have a FREE Shutterfly account and request to join our site when you visit our Challenge site on Shutterfly for the first time.  You can do this before you even finish your project so you’re ready to upload your photo when you’re done.
4) Come to the BNMQG meeting on September 22 and see if you win the extra entry into the grand prize drawing AND to get the requirements for the October challenge!
JOIN US for fun and a chance to increase your Quilting Budget!

BNMQG presents Jill Fisher September 22,2020

BNMQG September 22, 2020

Join BNMQG on September 22, 2020 at 6:00 to welcome Jill Fisher @pieladyquilts as our guest speaker.  Jill Fisher is an improvisational quilter from Iowa City, IA. Her specialty is working in a series with solids and telling stories with her quilts. Jill will present her lecture and virtual trunk show, “Unlocking the Joy in Scraps” in which she shares how to be inspired by what you have in front of you. Check out Jill’s original work at or @pieladyquilts on Instagram.  You don’t want to miss this one!

This event is FREE to BNMQG members.  Guests are welcome to join us for $5.50.

Guest Tickets for this event are no longer available. 


August 2020 Meeting Recap

What a great meeting last night with over 40 members online.  Who knew how fun and “easy(?)” it is to create such an intricate pattern with interleaving!  Awesome presentation Donna!  Thank you.

I forgot to mention the fact that the Great Wisconsin Quilt Show is online from Sept. 10-12 and the registration and classes are FREE.  Just register.

It’s time to pay your dues for 2020-2021.  You can pay with Paypal on our website or find a renewal form in the Member’s area or About tab and mail in a check.  If you like what we’re doing, don’t miss out and pay your dues.

Election results for 2020-2021 Officers:  Nancy Powell, President; Kathy Cook, Vice President; Betty Woodruff, Treasurer; and Paula Meiner, Secretary.  Thank you Gale Imig for your service at secretary this past year!  The board wants to thank all of you for your support during these crazy times and our online meetings.  We’re working hard to keep you inspired and learning, and quilting exciting.

Rebecca Bryan’s presentation has been rescheduled.  She will present at our November meeting – November 24 via Zoom.  Her Modern Triangle workshop will be held on Zoom from 9 am – 3 pm on Saturday, November 21.  There are still spots available in her workshop.  Sign up here.

We rolled for our first month of the 8 month Take a Chance Challenge.  You haven’t signed up for the challenge yet? What are you waiting for?  Don’t miss out on the fun.  It’s not too late!   The Grand Prize is now over $200.
Here’s what you need to know for month 1.

Take a Chance Challenge: Month 1 Roll
Color 2 = Orange              Shape 5 = Curve
Photos must be posted by 2 pm on September 22, 2020 on Shutterfly!
Need help with Shutterfly? Sign up for Tech Tuesday.

Don’t miss next month – Jill Fisher will be presenting “Unlocking the Joy in Scraps” and we’ll roll for month 2 of the Take a Chance Challenge.

BNMQG welcomes Donna Lee August 25, 2020

This month we welcome Donna Lee of DonnaLee Design Studio. She will be presenting a program on Interleaving Quilts – Mixing Two Designs Together. You don’t want to miss this one! Attached to your Zoom invite will be two files to print before the meeting. Donna will have you use them during the meeting.

Remember that elections are this month at the zoom meeting. You must be present to vote.

We will also be rolling the dice for the first installment of the 2021 Take A Chance Challenge. Don’t forget to sign up now on the website – use Paypal or send your check. It’s not too late!

Take some photos for Show and Tell and get ready for this month’s announcements and updates.

As always, members are free and guests may attend for a fee of $5.50 that can be purchased via PayPal using the button below.

BNMQG August Meeting Guest Ticket

Guest Ticket


Take a Chance Challenge!


  1. Every BNMQG member may join the challenge. The cost of the challenge is $5/member if you send a check (BNMQG, PO Box 154, Normal, IL) or $5.50 if you pay via Paypal.  You must enter the challenge and upload your photo by September 22 (check mailed and postmarked by September 20 or paid by Paypal) by September 22, 2020.  The money will be added to the winning Grand Prize of $100 (provided by the guild) and awarded at the end of the challenge.  Wouldn’t that make your quilting budget happy?
           Sorry this challenge is no longer available to join.
  2. Create a project with modern aesthetics that meets the monthly chall decided by chance at the monthly meeting. This can be 8 individual monthly projects (mini quilts, quilt blocks, placemats, postcards, mug rugs, etc.) or all or some can be put into one quilt flimsy at the end of the challenge.
  3. A die will be rolled twice to determine what the challenge is for the month.
  4. Post a photo of your completed monthly challenge. By 2 pm on the day of the meeting, a photo of your challenge must be loaded onto the Take A Chance Challenge site on Shutterfly  to be eligible to win a monthly prize.  (September 22, October 27, November 24, January 26, February 23, March 23, April 27, and May 25).   You will be invited to join this website once you sign up for the Challenge.  There will be Tech Tuesday sessions available on September 8 (11 am and 6 pm) and September 15 (11 am and 6 pm) to make sure you know how to post your photos on the Shutterfly site. Please sign on to and create a free Shutterfly account if you don’t already have one before attending any of these sessions.
  5. Every member finishing the monthly challenge will be in a drawing for an extra entry into the grand prize drawing. This extra entry will only be entered in the grand prize drawing if the quilter completes all 8 monthly challenges.
  6. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER for finishing every month’s challenge (August – May) will be chosen from members who have not missed any month of posting a photo of their finished monthly challenge and all extra entries that were drawn (only if all of the monthly challenges were complete by that member). The grand prize winner will win the money in the “pot” at the May meeting, a guarantee of at least $105.

Questions?  Attend the Zoom meetings in July and August to find out more!

Ann Morton is our July Guest

Ann Morton with the Violet Protest is our guest speaker this month. 

What is the Violet Protest and how did it all get started?  This month’s speaker will be Zooming with us to tell us all about it.

A little info:  The Violet Protest is a pubic effort to send 50 hand-made textile squares to each and every member of Congress in support of these core American values:  Civility and Respect, Citizenship, Compromise, Country over party and corporate influence, courage, candor, compassion, and creativity. 

That means that they will need 26,750 red and blue 8” x 8”
​squares.  They will be exhibited at Phoenix Art Museum in 2021.and 50 will be sent to each and every senator  and representative of the new 117th Congress of the United States in late 2021. THE DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020.  Think about volunteering to make some blocks.

Join us this month and encourage your quilting friends to join us.   This event is free for all BNMQG members.  To  purchase  a guest  pass  for  the  July  meeting,  please  use  the  PayPal  button  below.

July 2020 Guest Pass

July 2020 Guest Pass

For more information about Ann Morton and the Violet Protest:

JOIN US – Put a reminder in your phone or on your calendar and join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday night (July 28) from 6 pm – 8 pm via ZOOM.  Keep an eye out for your Zoom invitation in your email and the Zoom “room” will open at 5:30 so you can get logged in.

July 2020 Newsletter

Ann Morton is our featured speaker at our next ZOOM meeting JULY 28, 2020

Hi Modern Quilters,

Life is changing every day.  Cancellations are a daily occurrence and not an easy decision to make for the organizers, like the cancellation of our BNMQ Retreat.  On the other hand, virtual opportunities are popping up and they are exciting.  I’ve taken a Zoom workshop with Carole Lyles Shaw (which I would probably never been able to do) and signed up for lectures and workshops at QuiltCon to be held in February. I am looking forward to the experiences that are sure to overwhelm me with new ideas, techniques, and inspiration.  These opportunities may become a regular occurrence or they might just be around for a little while so I’m taking advantage of them now.

It was awesome to see faces again and share quilts and ideas at our ZOOM meeting in June. I hope you enjoyed Lyric’s presentation as much as I did.  I’m seeing things a little differently and paying more attention to the things around me.

BNMQG meetings are filling up with great programs in 2020-2021.  In fact, we have meetings planned through January, 2021 and they are exciting.  This month we’ll be challenged to make a difference with Ann Morton and the Violet Protest. I’m hoping we have even more members join us this month.

Ann Morton and the Violet Protest

Ann will be joining us during our July Zoom meeting.  She’ll give you some history of the Violet Protest and give you an opportunity to help with it.  You don’t want to miss this presentation!

“Ann Morton is a fiber artist, educator and social practitioner living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ann’s work exploits traditional fiber techniques as conceptual tools for aesthetic, social communication to examine a society of which we are all a part– as bystanders, participants, victims and perpetrators.

​Driven by a desire to make right, the work she does reflects her own handwork, but also orchestrates handwork of interested community members through public interventions that seek to socially engage the hands of many to harness the power of making for social purpose.”

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QUILTCON 2020 Registration


Have you decided to take some classes during the virtual QUILTCON? Registration starts this Wednesday, July 15 at 9am CST.  Check out the catalog … Remember that classes fill up FAST.


  • Watch new MQG videos on registration and QuiltCon Together 2021
  • Make sure you know how to login to your MQG account in order to register!
  • Find your email from for your QuiltCon Together MQG Member Registration Link

Registration or QuiltCon questions?
Membership questions?

Cathie Haab might also be able to help via email at  If you have any trouble or questions, do it quickly.  Please don’t wait to check or she may not be able to help you in time for registration on the 15th.