10th Anniversary Improv Log Cabin Blocks

BNMQG is kicking off our 10th Anniversary Celebration! We are asking members to create 10″ finished (10 1/2″ unfinished) improv log cabin blocks from the Kona cotton colors of our guild. These blocks will then be made into quilts by our Community Outreach Committee for places such as Community Cancer Center and Bed Blitz.

Please use only these Kona Colors:

SilverTangerineHoney DewBreakers
Check out our Classified Ads page for businesses supporting BNMQG and selling Kona cotton (and other quilting) fabrics!

Turn in your blocks at each meeting up until our August meeting. For every 10 blocks you submit, you will receive a ticket and will be entered into a prize drawing that will be held at our August meeting.

It takes 42-56 blocks to make one quilt. Here is the count to date – let’s try for enough blocks for 10 quilts (about 450 blocks) for our 10th anniversary! What a great way to celebrate 10 years of modern quilting BNMQG!

Month# blocks turned intotal blocks turned in

We still have a few of the blocks that need to be made into a quilt top. There will be a new drawing held in the future. To be eligible for the drawing, you will get a ticket for creating a quilt top, quilting the quilt or binding the quilt!