BNMQG Update – includes July meeting recap

Submitted by Paula M., Secretary

The Modern Quilt Guild sent out an email today, August 15th, around 2pm CDT for your link to register for QuiltCon. Please verify tonight that you can log into MQG, so that you don’t have any issues in the morning. Quilt Con will be Feb. 23-26 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Registration starts at 9am CDT tomorrow, August 16th.  If you register by November 30, registration is free as a BNMQG guild member. You will need your MQG login and password – please test tonight! To get to registration, you will need to use the link in the email. It is a customized link just for you and you need YOUR link. Workshops sometimes sell out in the first few minutes after the site opens, so if you are interested in a workshop, plan on logging in at 9am (or before) TUESDAY, August 16th. Have the class number, name, and instructor handy BEFORE you go to registration. The complete catalog is online.

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