HeartBeat Quilts

BNMQG’s main service project is to provide BroMenn Hospital’s Special Care Nursery with quilts to use over  babys’ isolettes to block light and sound. These quilts are then gifted to the family when they go home from the hospital.

2021-22 Quilts

For the heart in each quilt you can use the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial.  You may use any bright solids! (Any other pattern you have for a heart is great too!) The blocks should be 8 inches square when you turn them in.  You may use the 4, 5, or 6 in heart and add a border to make it 8 inches.  Or, the dimensions for an 8 inch unfinished block are

2 rectangles              4 1/2 x 8

2 large squares         4 1/2

4 small squares           1 1/4


Improv Block for Service Quilt

The block for the HearBeat quilts for 2017-18 is the square in a square block.


Here’s how you can help with the service projects during the year:

Make blocks  at home and bring them to a meeting or sew in.

Come to the service sew in days on the dates below at Boline’s or Christ Lutheran at 311 Hershey Road in Normal.

Help organize service sew in days. (set up, take down or bring goodies)

Volunteer to quilt or bind a gift quilt.