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Charles Cameron Lecture
BNMQG 1 year membership

Bags, Bags, and more Bags

An In person Lecture by Laurie Schierer
Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 6 pm CDT

Laurie Schierer will explore the world of bag making in the May Program.  This trunk program will include Totes, Purses, travel bags, and Tool Organizers of all sizes.  She will show us how to examine a pattern and determine how difficult it might or might not be to construct.  Hardware, Zipper options, Interfacing and all the extras will be discussed.  Materials such as cork, vinyl and canvas and which interfacing to use with which materials will be explored.  We’ll learn which bags can be made easily on a domestic machine and tricks to try if your machine is having trouble with bulky seams.  At the end of the program we will vote on which type of bag we will use for the July Bag Workshop.  

Collage Quilts

An In person Lecture by Linda Lambert, a Certified Laura Heine Instructor
Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 6:00 pm


Vickie Alsene, instructor – alsene@sbcglobal.net
Location: Underwood Park Shelter, 200 Jersey Ave, Normal, IL 61761

We will be using procion fabric dyes which are permanent and yield brilliant colors.  The fabrics are set by rinsing in water and then washing one or two times with Dawn dish washing detergent in the washing machine at home!

Bring cotton fabrics cut into fat quarters, half yards, or yard pieces.  I recommend 5 to 10 yards for a 3 hour session.  I use regular fabrics and not PFD (Prepared For Dyeing) fabrics so my favorite to purchase is Kona whites but check your stash for whites, white on white, black on white, or ugly prints that need a makeover.  Questions? contact Vickie A.

You will also need a zip baggie for each piece of fabric to transport home so the dyes don’t mix and the fabric colors set until washed.  A large plastic tote or black garbage bag is also handy to transport all the small baggies in your car.

There are over 40 different colors which can be also be mixed to create even more colors and shades.  All dye supplies and tools will be provided.

Morning Workshop June 10, 2023 from 9am-noon
Working with soy wax and thickened dyes

  • soy wax designs-stamps, brushes to create grunge, free hand designs
  • thickened dyes to paint on fabric
  • monoprints
  • paint stripes
  • over dyeing
  • scrunch and dye technique

Signup will be available starting at the April BNMQG Meeting and online – Cost $40 + $2 PP fee or $40 at a BNMQG meeting

This workshop is open to members and non-members at this time. Limit: 20 participants

Soy Wax & thickened dyes: 9am – noon workshop

Afternoon Workshop June 10, 2023 from 2pm-5pm
Shaping fabrics or shibori

  • ombre-hanging so colors flow into one another
  • origami shapes-squares and triangles
  • shapes-mandela
  • flowers
  • rubber band circles
  • spirals
  • over dyeing
  • scrunch and dye technique

Signup will be available starting at the April BNMQG Meeting and online – Cost $40 + $2 PP fee or $40 at a BNMQG meeting

This workshop is open to members and non-members at this time. Limit: 20 participants

Shaping Fabrics/Shibori: 2pm – 5pm workshop

Bag Workshop – July 8, 2023
9am – 3pm

Teacher: Laurie Schierer

Thanks Laurie for the awesome lecture about bag making. The bag chosen by the members at the meeting is the Amethyst bag pictured here. Info on the pattern you need to buy and the supplies you’ll need to bring is linked below!

This workshop is open to BNMQG members only at this time.

Information about the pattern and supplies for this workshop.

Laurie’s bag Workshop – $37 via paypal

Collage Quilts – September 9, 2023
9 am – 3 :30 pm

Teacher: Linda Lambert, a Laura Heine Certified teacher and a BNMQG member

Participants will receive a discount on the pattern and optional fabric kits.

Lunch included in this workshop price – 1/2 gondola, chips ,bring your own beverage (or bring your own bag lunch)

Cost $55.00 and signup will begin at the July 25, 2023 BNMQG meeting

BNMQG Member Free Events – Signups

Kona Color or the Year
Mini Quilt Challenge

Due March 28, 2023
Registration $2

Sew Days

ZOOM only sew days at 7pm:
November 8, December 20, January 17, and February 7

Zoom invites will be sent to all BNMQG members before the Sew Day

In person and zoom sew days – March 18 (National Quilting Day)

Tech Tuesdays

Modern Mystery Challenge – Kickoff zooms – 11 am and/or 7 pm
Registration $25

Challenge #1 – January 3
Challenge #2 – February 7
Challenge #3 – March 7
Challenge #4 – April 4
Challenge #5 – May 2
Challenge #6 – June 6
Challenge #7 – July 11
Challenge #8 – August 1
Challenge #9 – September 5
Challenge #10 – October 3
Challenge #11 – November 7
Challenge #12 – Finishing – December 5
Challenge Complete – February 15, 2023
Challenge share day in person- March 28, 2023

Charity Quilts

Keep working on your community quilts. We’ll continue to make deliveries to the Cancer Center.

The hospital is taking quilts again!
Heartbeat Quilts – please bring completed quilts or tops to the June, July, or August meetings

Special Events
BNMQG Retreat
Sept. 15-18, 2023

Our goal is to provide quality programs for BNMQG members and guests!