July 2020 Newsletter

Ann Morton is our featured speaker at our next ZOOM meeting JULY 28, 2020

Hi Modern Quilters,

Life is changing every day.  Cancellations are a daily occurrence and not an easy decision to make for the organizers, like the cancellation of our BNMQ Retreat.  On the other hand, virtual opportunities are popping up and they are exciting.  I’ve taken a Zoom workshop with Carole Lyles Shaw (which I would probably never been able to do) and signed up for lectures and workshops at QuiltCon to be held in February. I am looking forward to the experiences that are sure to overwhelm me with new ideas, techniques, and inspiration.  These opportunities may become a regular occurrence or they might just be around for a little while so I’m taking advantage of them now.

It was awesome to see faces again and share quilts and ideas at our ZOOM meeting in June. I hope you enjoyed Lyric’s presentation as much as I did.  I’m seeing things a little differently and paying more attention to the things around me.

BNMQG meetings are filling up with great programs in 2020-2021.  In fact, we have meetings planned through January, 2021 and they are exciting.  This month we’ll be challenged to make a difference with Ann Morton and the Violet Protest. I’m hoping we have even more members join us this month.

Ann Morton and the Violet Protest

Ann will be joining us during our July Zoom meeting.  She’ll give you some history of the Violet Protest and give you an opportunity to help with it.  You don’t want to miss this presentation!

“Ann Morton is a fiber artist, educator and social practitioner living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ann’s work exploits traditional fiber techniques as conceptual tools for aesthetic, social communication to examine a society of which we are all a part– as bystanders, participants, victims and perpetrators.

​Driven by a desire to make right, the work she does reflects her own handwork, but also orchestrates handwork of interested community members through public interventions that seek to socially engage the hands of many to harness the power of making for social purpose.” http://www.violetprotest.com/the-artist.html

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April 2020 Newsletter and Info on April 28 Zoom Meeting

April 2020 – BNMQG has gone virtual!

Printed with Bonnie’s permission

Hi Modern Quilters,

Wow… what a great meeting for our first virtual gathering.  There were 38 of you there and your participation made it awesome.  We loved seeing your Show and Tell, your swap projects, your projects in progress, learning about your favorite classes and workshops, and seeing your sewing spaces!  Congratulations to Anita Tullier, Leslie Swearinger, and Barb Stevens for winning the meeting’s door prizes.  If you missed the meeting, you can still see what was shared and add to the posts on Facebook in the BNMQG group.

BNMQG will be meeting on ZOOM on April 28

In consideration of the (World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic/the state of IL banning or discouraging events of more than 10 until April 30) the Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild meeting will be again meeting virtually, but this time on ZOOM so everyone can attend and you can join for free. Since we will be missing our in-person meeting in April, please stay safe, wash your hands and don’t touch your face.  If you feel sick by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), check these CDC guidelines

Just think how technically advanced you will be after we have our virtual meetings!

Put a reminder in your phone and join us for a meeting on Tuesday and join us for a meeting on Tuesday night (April 28) from 6 pm – 8 pm via ZOOM.  Join anytime from 5:30-6:00 for a social time and bring your own treats to social hour.  Watch your email – we’ll send you a link to get into Zoom in your email for the meeting.   ** The email will come from Lisa B from her work email at District87.org.  We chose ZOOM because it is the best platform to use as it works easily for people with all sorts of tech skills.  The email that you receive will have options for joining the meeting.  Read the email to see those options and if you have questions, make sure to join us for the practice session on Monday night.

There will be a practice session on Monday, April 27 at 6 pm to make sure ZOOM is working for you-use the link for the practice session (one will be sent to you and it will be different than the meeting link) to join the practice session. You will be able to try it out and make sure your camera and microphone are ready for the meeting.  Watch carefully for both links and pay attention to which is the PRACTICE link and which is the ACTUAL MEETING link.

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