April 2020 Newsletter and Info on April 28 Zoom Meeting

April 2020 – BNMQG has gone virtual!

Printed with Bonnie’s permission

Hi Modern Quilters,

Wow… what a great meeting for our first virtual gathering.  There were 38 of you there and your participation made it awesome.  We loved seeing your Show and Tell, your swap projects, your projects in progress, learning about your favorite classes and workshops, and seeing your sewing spaces!  Congratulations to Anita Tullier, Leslie Swearinger, and Barb Stevens for winning the meeting’s door prizes.  If you missed the meeting, you can still see what was shared and add to the posts on Facebook in the BNMQG group.

BNMQG will be meeting on ZOOM on April 28

In consideration of the (World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic/the state of IL banning or discouraging events of more than 10 until April 30) the Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild meeting will be again meeting virtually, but this time on ZOOM so everyone can attend and you can join for free. Since we will be missing our in-person meeting in April, please stay safe, wash your hands and don’t touch your face.  If you feel sick by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), check these CDC guidelines

Just think how technically advanced you will be after we have our virtual meetings!

Put a reminder in your phone and join us for a meeting on Tuesday and join us for a meeting on Tuesday night (April 28) from 6 pm – 8 pm via ZOOM.  Join anytime from 5:30-6:00 for a social time and bring your own treats to social hour.  Watch your email – we’ll send you a link to get into Zoom in your email for the meeting.   ** The email will come from Lisa B from her work email at District87.org.  We chose ZOOM because it is the best platform to use as it works easily for people with all sorts of tech skills.  The email that you receive will have options for joining the meeting.  Read the email to see those options and if you have questions, make sure to join us for the practice session on Monday night.

There will be a practice session on Monday, April 27 at 6 pm to make sure ZOOM is working for you-use the link for the practice session (one will be sent to you and it will be different than the meeting link) to join the practice session. You will be able to try it out and make sure your camera and microphone are ready for the meeting.  Watch carefully for both links and pay attention to which is the PRACTICE link and which is the ACTUAL MEETING link.

Thanks to the Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild for sharing the following to help you with your ZOOM experience. 

You’ve never used ZOOM?  Here are links to some tutorials to help you out:

About the Meeting

We’ll start with announcements, do a Show and Tell (including Swap projects if you haven’t already shared them), followed by a demo on how to put a facing on your quilts if you haven’t done this before or if you need a quick refresher – just in time for you to finish your miniature Kona Challenge quilt.

Please check your email before our regularly scheduled guild time for other information about our virtual meeting.

Quilt Show Season is upon us and there are a lot of cancelled/rescheduled shows this year.  A 2020 Quilt Show Calendar is available so you can print it or refer to the websites for each show to keep up with any changes.

Heart Beat Update

Blocks are finished and our design night has been postponed.    We’re working on a plan to make sure these get designed, sewn, and quilted.  BNMQG is on track to reach our goal of 30 quilts for babies in the NICU.

Enchanted - Kona 2020 Color of the Year2020 Kona color of the year Mini Quilt Challenge

Hopefully you’ve started designing your 2020 Kona Challenge Mini Quilt with the color of the year – Enchanted.  If not, it might just be time to start.

Download the 2020 Kona Mini Quilt Challenge Info and Entry Form

It’s still not too late to sign up and you can start sewing even before you sign up.  Sign-up for the 20” square mini quilt challenge started at the January meeting.  To join the challenge, bring a $1 to sign up or bring it with your finished mini-quilt to the meeting.  Your Mini quilt is due at the end of May.  Please make sure to get them to Nancy Powell or Kathy Cook when you finish yours.

Please remember to bring any of your finished minis to our next meeting (whenever that turns out to be).

Check your sewing room

Do you buy layer cakes to use when you quilt?  If so, please save the 10” square cardboard pieces from packages of layer cakes and bring them to the March meeting to be recycled into another project.

Don’t forget to bring your swap partner’s project to our next meeting – whenever that is.  In the meantime, consider having it available during our ZOOM meeting to share it to your swap partner. I hope you’ve gotten to know your Swap partner.  Contact Pat Messinger if you have any questions at patmessinger@comcast.net or 309-287-1747.

Modern Mini Showcase

BNMQG is getting ready (and now we have even more time!) to have our own traveling Modern Mini Showcase as an educational opportunity to teach people about modern quilting.  PLEASE consider loaning us your mini quilts for some upcoming shows – your tiger lily, splash, other 20” square modern minis, and the 2020 Kona Color challenge quilts.  They will get some new audiences!  We can take them until our August meeting.  Give them to Kathy Cook or Nancy Powell.  Our first Modern Showcase will be a part of the Clinton Salt Creek Patchmaker’s Quilt Show at Little Galilee Camp in Clinton that has been rescheduled to October 3-4.  The quilt show’s theme is Vision of Colors.

Rebecca Bryan is being rescheduled – date TBAsad

Nationally known quilter, teacher, and author will be giving a lecture and trunk show to the Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild but it will be rescheduled until our next guild year, hopefully this fall.  So, if you have signed up and sent a check for the workshop, please contact Betty Woodruff and let her know if you want your check back or want her to shred it.  If you are still interested in the workshop, let her know this as well and you will have first choice when the workshop is rescheduled. .

In the meantime, please check out Rebecca’s website:  Bryan House Quilts

Think Retreat!

It’s time to sign up for the BNMQG Retreat that will be held on September 25-28 at Camp Cilca.   Print the  2020 Retreat Registration form off, fill it in, and mail the form and a check.  The address is included on the form.

Guild led workshops

The April 4th workshop will be rescheduled – The patterns have arrived and are ready when we are!  Check the Supply List for this quilt.

FreeWheeling Workshop

The July 25th workshop will be a bag making class given by Pat Messinger – the Compass Bag.  Sign up will begin in May.



BNMQG Nominations Committee is now open.

We will need a Committee chair and 2-3 members to make up our nominating committee to get a slate of officers ready for 2020-2021.  Please let Kathy Cook know if you could help.   This commitment requires you to be familiar with the job descriptions/duties for your officers and willingness to ask members to run for officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The duties of the officers are available in the Members area of the BNMQG website.

The Modern Quilt Guild

  • If you haven’t watched them yet, there are 26 full episodes of Fresh Quilting available to watch at: Fresh Quilting Episodes
  • Consider joining the MQG Modern Classics Challenge from MQG. Using their special color palette and a quilt pattern that was previously released as Quilt of the Month patterns, make the quilt.   MQG Modern Classics   In my opinion, the color palette is actually quite nice!
  • Please log in to The Modern Quilt Guild and make sure your email and contact info are correct so that you don’t miss important emails and information.
  • If you’ve got more time to quilt, learn, design, etc., it’s the perfect time to explore the MQG resources on their website. MQG Resources

Tech communications:

Website/Blog – Do you remember the password for our website/blog (https://bnmqg.wordpress.com/)?  If not, first please check your spam and trash – it was sent last fall.  You’ll need this if you want access to the Member Only area on this site.  If you cannot find the email, contact Lisa Baermann at l.baermann@comcast.net

In the member area, please check the list of members and double check that your contact info is correct.  If you need to correct your information, please send an email to:  BNMQG@hotmail.com and put Attn Cathie in the subject area.  Thanks.

Have you joined BNMQG on Facebook?  The BNMQG is a NEW closed group just for our current members that was just started this year.  This is the place on Facebook where we will be holding our March 24th virtual meeting and you won’t be allowed to join us unless you are a member of this Facebook group.  Here is the link.    BNMQG .  1) Request to join the group, 2) answer two questions, and 3) you’ll be approved to become a member of this page.  You will be able to download files from this page for newsletters, workshop instructions, renewal forms, etc.  This was not possible on our Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild (PAGE).  This is different from the other Facebook page where anyone can see posts on that page and files aren’t allowed to be shared –  Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild

Are you on Instagram?  Follow our guild @BNMQG and as you post your modern quilting photos, please use the hastags #BNMQG and #BNMQGquilts.

For your BNMQG calendar:

April 28 – ZOOM meeting – Program demo – Facing your quilts

  • Signup for signup for Rebecca Bryan’s workshop on May 16 (see the registration form/dates at the end of this newsletter) Members = $45, Non-members = $50  with an optional lunch for $7.  Check the deadlines on the form, fill it out, write a check and send it in.
  • We will continue the sign up for the Modern Free Wheeling Circle Quilt workshop when we have the new date. $35 workshop fee is due when registering.  This fee does include your pattern.  The supply list is now available in the file section of BNMQG on Facebook.
  • Kona Color challenge signup still continues for $1.

May 26 – Regular BNMQG meeting (Virtual or in person – TBA)

  • Bring Kona Mini Challenge quilts to the meeting.
  • Signup for the Compass Bag workshop given by Pat Messinger on July 25 – $35.

June 1 – Mini quilts will be hung in Scouts Downtown Café (113 N Center St, Bloomington, IL 61701) for the month of June.  Come see the quilts, have some good food, and thank Scout for hosting our mini show!

June 30 – BNMQG Social – stay tuned for a surprise!

July 25 – Saturday Bag workshop – Compass Bag with Pat Messinger

July 28 – BNMQG meeting – Program TBA

August 25 – Color Workshop, Leslie Swearinger

September 11-12 – HAAQG Quilt Show – No UFO’s Left Behind – Interstate Center, Bloomington

September 25-28 BNMQG 2020 Retreat

October 2-3 – Clinton’s Quilt Show is hosting our Modern Mini Showcase – Vision of Colors – at Little Galilee Christian Camp in Clinton from 9 am to 4 pm daily

October 22-24 – Original Sewing & Quilt Expo will be back in Schaumburg, IL

I’ll end with the Irish Blessing: “Wishing you a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you” and that is truly my wish for each of you!

Take care and Happy Modern Quilting!  –Nancy 🙂

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