October 2020 Meeting Recap

The 8th Zoom meeting of the Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild was called to order by President Nancy Powell.  53 members and 12 guests were in attendance.  (Noemi can give you these numbers)

Poll 1 – What do you know about temperature quilts? 

  1. I have one or are making one now.        6 members      12%
  2. I have seen some but haven’t decided to make one.        12 members   24%
  3. I have heard of them but would like more information.    17 members   35%
  4. A temperature quilt refers to one that is light weight  for warmer months and heavy for colder months                     0 members     0%
  5. I have not heard of temperature quilts.        14 members   29%

PROGRAM :  BNMQG member, Kathy Cook, presented a program on temperature quilts.  A temperature quilt is a quilt that records temperature for 1 year using 365 or 366 blocks in colors that are chosen to represent a specific temperature. 

After the program, there was a question and answering period.  A page of resources for temperature quilts is available in the members area on the website


November 10 – Tech Tuesday with Carol Fay who will have a presentation on t-shirt quilts using EQ. Choices are 11 AM or 6 PM.

November 21 – Rebecca Bryan will conduct a Modern Triangles workshop for our guild.  It will be via Zoom from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm with the invitation being sent earlier in the week.  2 seats are still available.  Sign up quickly if you’d like to participate.  Prep and supplies for her workshop can be found here.

November 24 – Rebecca Bryan will make her presentation to our guild during our monthly meeting at 6:00 in the evening. 

HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT:   December 22 – Holiday Zoom party and pincushion exchange. More info will be  available in the November newsletter and at the November meeting.

January 26, 2021 – Peter Byrne will present his Trunk Show Behind the Scenes at our monthly meeting.   Peter’s quilt won the Best of Show at QuiltCon 2020.

Poll 2 – Would you be interested in tips when taking quilt photography with your cell phone?

  1. Yes, a Guild program would be great.        16 members   36%        
  2. Yes, I’d sign up for a Tech Tuesday.       3 members     7%
  3. Both #1 and # 2.         8 members   41%         
  4. I’m not interested at this time.       7 members     16%

MEMBERSHIP:  Noemi reported we have 60 members renewed.  A new password will be sent via email in a week for paid members.


  • Cathy Haab – presented highlights from the Modern Quilt Guild and QuiltCon Together 2020 to be held in February of 2021.  QuiltCon Together quilt show entries will be open from September 1, 2020 through November 30, 2020 at midnight Eastern time.  Enter your quilt at https://quiltconentry.secure-platform.com/a
  • Heartbeat quilts – There are still some to be picked up to be completed. 
  • Kathy Cook – VP corner – highlighted Carolina Oneto from Chile

TAKE A CHANCE CHALLENGE:  There are 30 participants.  The winner of the extra chance for drawing this month is Karen Goloff.  The roll for November challenge is: color – red and shape – triangle.

There is a signup through Signup Genius for a pincushion exchange.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054fa9ad29a6f58-pincushion  We will swap with a partner to be named in November.  They will be wrapped up and exchanged with your partner in December. At the December meeting the pincushions will be unwrapped in front of the members during the zoom party.   


The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Paula Meiner, Secretary

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