October meeting recap

Submitted by Barb S., Secretary

Prior to the start of the meeting and during the break, members enjoyed delicious treats furnished tonight by Ary A., Sandra F., Karen G. and Sally H. 

Lisa B called the meeting to order. This is our last dual meeting until March. We will be meeting via Zoom only from November through February.

Noemi B. reported that we have 103 paid memberships.  Present at tonight’s meeting were 42 members and 13 members attending on zoom.  New member, Dee W., was introduced.

Previous members who have not renewed were contacted to see if they plan to rejoin.    The new password was sent to paid members on November 1st to allow access to our Members Only area of the website.

Lisa B. reported on the recent Quilt coat workshop with Erin Grogan from Love Sew Modern. Karen G. and Maria C. showed their beautiful completed coats, including a wonderful catwalk – we didn’t capture all of the pics for that, but what a fun time!

The details of the December Holiday party were explained.   The meeting is for everyone, but part of the meeting will be the Pillow Cover Swap. Everyone who desires to participate needs to sign up on Sign Up Genius (also on Members page) prior to December 1. Swap partners will be randomly selected during a zoom on December 4.  

The swap project will be a modern design pillow cover.   The finished cover should fit a 16” x 16” pillow form.   Details are here (also on Members page). The exchange does not include the pillow form itself, only the cover to save on mailing costs for those members that swap by mail.    Prior to the December 27th zoom meeting the partners should exchange their wrapped pillow covers – either in person or via mail. The covers should be wrapped and NOT opened by the recipient.   Unwrapping the gifts will be during the December 27th zoom meeting.

Those in attendance were then divided into groups to visit the hands-on stations to participate in various activities.  Please thank our members who shared their tips and techniques with us. We appreciate them very much! The stations included: 

Greeting cards (Nancy P.);  

Decorative threads (Vickie A);

Zipper Pillow Closures (Pat S. and Laurie S.) – Laurie was volunteered to fill in for Pat S. when she unexpectedly could not make the meeting, but Pat S. provided a handout and step out samples of the process.

Facings (Betty W)

Envelope pillow closures (Barb S)

Survey Prize Winner:   Dee W. (who just joined as a member). The question was which Tuesday the group would prefer to have zoom sew days.   The third Tuesday was the choice.

However, our first zoom Sew day will be Tuesday, November 8th from 7-9 p.m. A Zoom invite will be sent out a day or two prior to the zoom, so it hopefully won’t get lost in your inbox.

The sew days have been added to the BNMQG Calendar through February, but we moved February due to QuiltCon and Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that if you use a Google Calendar, you can add the BNMQG Calendar to your own calendar and it will automatically update? An easy way to do that is to go to our Meetings and Events page and at the bottom of the calendar, use the +GoogleCalendar box to subscribe.

Fabric Raffle Winner:  Maria C. The fabric she won matched her Quilt Coat! Our Fabric Raffle ticket sales support our guild activities.

Nancy P reminded us of the last challenge for the Modern Mystery Quilt on November 7th.    Completed mystery quilts will be due February 15, 2023. The Grand Prize winner will be pulled at the February meeting.

The Community Outreach 10th Anniversary improv log cabin quilts are progressing with 8 quilts totally completed, several more are out to be quilted and others are out to be bound. We appreciate all that everyone is doing or has done to support our community. 30 Heartbeat quilts were delivered to Carle Bromenn Hospital. We are still looking for someone to help co-chair the Community Outreach program. Please contact Pat S. if interested.

The QuiltCon challenge quilt has been quilted and ready to be bound.

A pink hooded zip up sweatshirt was left after the meeting. If it is yours, please contact Lisa B.

Reminder – our November meeting is the 5th Tuesday (November 29th) and will only be via Zoom.

Our speaker is David Owen Hastings and his lecture is Minimal Design, Maximum Impact. Lecture is free for members, but guest tickets are available on the Events and Workshop Tickets page.

David is also doing a workshop for us on December 3rd via zoom – Mini Mid-Mod Quilts. Tickets are currently sold out, but we have started a wait list on Sign Up Genius.

Looking forward to our January meeting, Carolina Oneto will be our speaker, her zoom lecture is The Power of Color Composition.

Lecture is free for members, but guest tickets are available on the Events and Workshop Tickets page.

Tickets are still available for Carolina Oneto’s Curves and Transparencies Zoom Workshop on January 28th. Tickets are available on the Events and Workshop Tickets page.

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