September 2021 Meeting Reminder

Submitted by Lisa B., President

Sorry this is a little delayed – I was exhausted (in a good way) after the wonderful BNMQG retreat. 27 members had a great time laughing, eating, show and telling, as well as getting some sewing done! We will have a slide show of the retreat before the meeting, in case you missed seeing the pictures on the BNMQG group FB page.

Our meeting on Tuesday the 28th will be held in person and via zoom, starting at 6pm at the church. We will continue to watch and follow any guidelines for the pandemic to keep our members healthy but engaged. 

This meeting will also include our Destash Sale. So, clean out those sewing rooms and pre-price your donations (in dollar increments, no change please) and bring to the meeting early.

Please no patterns, magazines or books for this round of Destash Sale. If you have lots of little items, please group together in baggies and price as one item.

Doors will open at 4pm so that we can get the Destash Sale setup. If you need help getting items there early, call a friend or a board member and we can arrange something. Shopping will begin at 5pm payments can be cash or check.

One of our own members, Leslie S., will be doing a presentation on “How I Choose Color”. We all have different approaches to choosing color for our quilts.  Are you more scientific – like the color wheel, or are you more organic – like choosing your favorite colors?  In this discussion on choosing color I would like to discuss multiple ways of choosing colors for our quilts with a more in depth look of how we can incorporate the color wheel into helping us enhance and expand our color choices for the perfect quilt. Looking forward to her presentation – I tend to wing it and sometimes I don’t get the results I want.

Don’t forget to renew your membership! Forms were attached to the newsletter and are also available in the member’s area. There are also PayPal links available on the sidebar. Our year runs from September – August of the following year.  FYI: your current membership expires on October 31 (which gives a bit of overlap time) if your membership is not renewed!  On November 1, the member password will change and non-members will be removed from our Facebook group BNMQG. 

Heart Beat quilts – The hospital has started accepting quilts from us again!  Please bring any quilt kits back to Pat S. at the September BNMQG meeting – doesn’t matter if they are completed or not.  Thanks so much for all you are doing for the little ones!

Workshop Opportunity – Sew Together Bag

One of our members, Lori Levar, will be conducting a workshop on the Sew Together Bag on December 4th from 9am to 3pm with a 30 minute break for lunch, in person at the church.  You can bring your lunch or plan to order in.  Signup is available now on the BNMQG webpage.  The supply list is also available.  If you don’t already have the pattern, we have those available on the website. Sign-ups are limited to 20 participants, so you might want to hurry!

Can’t wait to see everyone at the meeting. Don’t forget your destash pre-priced donations and cash or check so that you can go shopping! Remember, someone else’s donation could be your treasure!

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