September 2021 meeting recap

Submitted by Paula M., Secretary & Lisa B., President

The August meeting was called to order by new president, Lisa B. at 6:00 P.M.  The meeting was held at the Christ Lutheran Church and via Zoom with 44 members present in person and 14 via Zoom, 2 new members    and 3 guests present.   

We had lots of wonderful items donated to the Destash sale, which raised almost $600! Shopping happened before the meeting and then there was a surprise half off sale during our break.

We did another dual meeting – in person and via zoom. We are working through the challenges that this dual setting is presenting. We will be changing the order of the meetings to always have the presentations first, even if the presenter is in person.

Sandra M. not pictured – she joined us by zoom, but sent yummy treats with Emily J.!

We had lots of yummy treats, provided by Donna L., Emily J., and Sandra M.

The virtual Wisconsin Quilt show was attended by many members.

BNMQG purchased a pass for the entire guild to be able to access the Global Quilt Connection’s All Star Virtual Sampler that was available on October 2nd and 3rd. We hope that many guild membes attended and enjoyed the presentations. If you liked any of the presenters and would like to have them as a speaker for the guild, please contact a board member.

Retreat survey coming out soon by email to all retreat participants.

Sign-Up Genius has been created for Hospitality to finish the sign ups – any in person sign ups have  already been added to the Sign-Up Genius. There aren’t many spots left, so grab a friend and sign up. Snacks don’t need to be fancy – finger foods are best!

Pat S. discussed our new committee for Community Outreach. We need a total of 6 members and this is broken down into three areas – Community promotion, Membership promotion (including the possibility of a junior program) and Community Outreach. We want to promote modern quilting and inspire others to appreciate our art as an alternative to traditional quilting, as well as focusing recruiting on people of all ages and backgrounds. Community Outreach will be expanded beyond the existing Heart Beat Quilts to include other charitable opportunities that will be determined by the committee and the board. Pat had a few members already contact her to become members of the new committee. If you are interested, please contact Pat.

Block Lotto is back and better than ever! This is a fun monthly activity that is also a fund raiser for the guild. Each month, Leslie S. and Marilyn B. will present a new modern block tutorial from the MQG website. You will need your MQG login to get to the tutorial, but it is directly linked on our Block Lotto page. There will typically be a color way to use each month. This month’s colors are light gray background with dark orange and dark purple.  The orange and purple may be solids or prints and each block is to be 8 x 4 ½”.

The Fabric Raffle is coordinated to the Block Lotto blocks for the following month. Bring your completed block(s) and a $1 per block to the next month’s meeting, to be entered into a drawing to win the block(s). If we have lots of participation, there may be more than one winner.

Kona mini quilts will be due earlier this year, but the date is still to be determined. The Kona color of the year will be released in December/January. We will be showcasing our mini quilts (20 X 20) at the Schaumburg Sewing and Quilt Expo in the Spring.  The date is TBD. We’re hoping to coordinate a bus trip to this show.

Our first Modern Quilt Showcase, which is an educational exhibit will be at the Hands All Around Quilt Guild’s Quilt Spectrum on October 29th and 30th at the Interstate Center in Bloomington. Kathy C. and Nancy P. have worked hard on this exhibit and I can’t wait to see it in person. If you have received an email requesting one of your mini quilts, please contact Nancy P. to make arrangements. No worries if you were not contacted this time, the goal is to have different quilts representing many of the different aspects of modern quilting, such as negative space, improvisational piecing, minimalism and use of an alternate grid.

Holiday Party will be via Zoom due to busy season on December 28th. It will be a potholder exchange – get thinking caps on, doesn’t have to be a rectangle…. Sign up is now available on Sign Up Genius. Email will also be sent out to all members with the link. We will draw random partners, like we did for the pincushion swap. Members will swap wrapped potholders prior to the December meeting (either in person or by mail – their choice) and then the packages will be unwrapped at the zoom meeting.

Nancy P.’s VP Corner started us out with a great quote from Carole Lyles Shaw – “Modern quilting is a movement that is open, diverse, innovative, welcoming and, most of all, FUN! Let’s keep it that way!!”. She also shared Carole’s great article on Elements in a modern quilt.

What elements of modern quilting do you see in this quilt?

Advertising forms for the website were available at the meeting and are available on our website

Our survey question was 2 questions – How many quilts will you be entering into QuiltCon this year? and How comfortable are you with color? Looks like the guild is fairly comfortable with color, but hesitant to enter quilts into QuiltCon. What can we do as a guild to encourage you to submit a quilt to QuiltCon?

If you haven’t already, you need to renew your membership for the 21-22 guild year. If not renewed by the end of October, you will be removed from the guild’s private FB page and membership role. The member’s only section password will also change on November 1st.

Our winner of the Survey question drawing was Barb B. Pat S. was the winner of the Fabric Raffle drawing. The fabrics are picked out to work for the Block Lotto blocks for next month.

Our presentation tonight was from our member, Leslie S. – How I choose color. Leslie discussed several types of color wheels, how to choose analogous, complementary and split complimentary color groupings. We then did a hands on activity with paint chips along with a color wheel.

Show and Tell

Next month’s speaker is Sylvia Shaefer – Designing with Negative Space. This meeting is a members only zoom – no guest tickets available per Sylvia.  We will still meet at the church and project Sylvia’s zoom presentation.

For your calendars, in November we will have Yvonne Fuchs – Transparency Color Quilts, she will attend via zoom, guest tickets are available here. December will be our zoom potholder exchange.

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