Ice Dyeing at September Meeting

Submitted by Vickie A.
Modern quilters,
There are 15 who have signed up for the ice dyeing, which is the day of our September meeting-Sept 26.  come early to the church lawn between 4 and 5 pm to prepare your bucket of fabrics, dyes, and ice.
If you have PFD fabrics for dyeing fine, but don’t buy some just for this project.  I use regular cotton fabrics, printed fabrics,shirts, vintage linens,etc.  Anything mostly cotton or linen will dye.  If it is a blend, it will be paler than all cotton. you can easily do 12 fat quarters worth, and can do more than one bucket, just make sure the bucket (or kitty litter bucket) doesn’t leak.  We don’t want dye all over your car!!  And bring an old large shirt, apron or coverup just in case. probably the large bag of ice (or lots of ice cubes!) should be in a cooler until needed, unless you are quick or it isn’t a hot day.
The original instruction list is here with more details.
It is not too late or too many to join us that day.  Just let me know so I can have enough masks for everyone.  If you have your own dust mask, you can bring it.  And I will bring samples of quilts made with these fabrics to the meeting.

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