Our September speaker is Erin Grogan from LoveSewModern

Join us in person or via Zoom to hear Erin Grogan from LoveSewModern give her lecture on “Find Your Quilty Identity”. Erin will be joining us via Zoom for the lecture. Zoom invites will be sent a day or two prior to the meeting to all BNMQG members and will be posted in the BNMQG Facebook Group. Guest tickets are available here.

This lecture dives into the discovery of who you are as an artist as quilter. I’ve met many wonderful quilters who feel like they don’t know what they “like.” They say things like they only make quilts from kits or feel like they have to use what fabric is currently popular. There’s nothing wrong with this approach if it brings you joy, but if you’re looking to grow this is the lecture for you. I break down the four different stages of a quilter. I then share my process for finding the color palette that represents you.

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