June meeting – social and games

Tomorrow, June 22nd, we have a sew day from 9-3 at the church. Zoom link will come out at some point tonight, so if you are out of town/state or just don’t want to get out in the heat, you can still join us for Sew Day.

Our meeting next week on June 28th will be a social time with games and prizes. No zoom will be available. Looking forward to spending time socializing with our members.

Tickets for our upcoming workshops in December and January and will be available for members on June 28th – they will be linked on the Events and Tickets page.

We will be hosting David Owen Hastings for our November zoom meeting, with a zoom workshop on December 3rd.

For January, we will be hosting Carolina Oneto, also via Zoom.

One thought on “June meeting – social and games

  1. Hip hip hooray for the upcoming chances to participate in Dec and Jan special in service quilt masters of their special areas. I can hardly wait to Zoom with all of you.
    Carol Lou


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