April 2018 Meeting Recap

Submitted by Teresa A., Secretary

The Bloomington-Normal Modern Quilt Guilt met on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at Christ Lutheran Church. Thirty-nine (39) members were in attendance, two (2) guests and we welcomed three (3) new members tonight.  Welcome to Noemi B., Fern H. and Pat P.

President Kathy C. thanked Marilyn B. and Sue K. who provided us with delicious snacks.  We were able to see more pictures of the modern quilts from this year’s Quilt Con provided to us by Ann G.


Our June meeting will be held at Kelly’s Bakery in downtown Bloomington.  There we will be able to see all of the mini-quilts on display.  We will be providing the directions and where parking will be available prior to the meeting.

Unfortunately, Suzy Williams is unable to come in July as we had planned.  However, we will be hosting Lynn Carson Harris for a lecture and small piecing workshop on Friday, July 27th and all day Saturday, July 28th.  Sign up for this event will begin at our May 22nd meeting.

Julie D. one of our nominating committee member, announced the other two members of the committee, Carol Lou E. and Paula M.  There was an opportunity to nominate someone for one of the four (4) board positions as well as some committee chairs.  If you were unable to attend and have someone you feel would be good for any of the board positions or these committee chairs, Retreat Chair, Hospitality, Heartbeat, and Social Media, please contact Julie D, Carol Lou E. or Paula M.   It takes a village to have a successful guild, please consider even yourself for one of our positions. Our guild community will be there to help and support you!  You can find Julie D., Carol Lou E. and Paula M, email addresses in the members’ only section.

President Kathy C. and Vice-President Donna L. shared what they love and the rewards of being a part of the board.

Nancy P is this year’s Mystery Quilt designer.  Nancy gave us an intro with what we to do to get started.  This information is available in our Members section on the blog.  Next month you will receive Clue #1.

Our Block Lotto for this month was presented by Viv B.  The directions are available here.

Show and Tell tonight was full of beautiful quilts, bags, and all the notebook covers and project bags from our workshop on Saturday, April 21st. (Thanks to Donna L. and Nancy P.) There were a couple of quilts shared with us tonight that were show winners!!

During the break time tonight, people had a chance to take a closer look at the show and tell items and enjoy refreshments.

After break we had our Fabric Raffle drawing.  The lucky winner tonight was one of our guests, Morgan D.

Our survey question tonight was “Who is going to Quilt Con in Nashville in February 2019?”  The choices and results were:

  • Wouldn’t miss it – 18
  • Thinking about it – 16
  • Not my Thing – 2 (but due to previous commitments at that time not because it’s not their thing)
  • What’s Quilt Con – 1

There weren’t enough participants for Block Lotto this month so there were no winners


Kona Color of the Year Mini Quilt Challenge

Our program tonight was stations on how to finish the edging of your quilt.  Donna L – traditional binding, Sue K. and Nancy P. – facings, Cindy R. – “wrap around” and Cathie H. – all machine binding finish.  Members went to stations of their choice to learn a new skill to finishing quilts.  It’s still not too late to sign up to participate in our challenge!  Contact Kathy C. if you are interested in participating.  The deadline for the mini quilt is our May 22nd meeting.  Please bring your completed quilts in bags/pillowcases with names on both the quilt and bags/pillowcases to our May 22nd meeting.

Mini Quilt Guidelines

A special congratulations to two of our members – Donna L. and Cathie H.

Donna L. has a quilt in issue #23 of Modern Quilts Unlimited titled “Blocks of Color”
A picture of her quilt is also on the table of contents page.

(Side note – Ann U. has her name as the editor’s assistant in the editor’s letter. So Congratulations to Ann U. too!)


Cathie H. will have some of her quilts on display in the Sales
Gallery at the McLean County Art Center in Bloomington.  You can see her quilts May 4th – May 16th.    Congratulations Cathie!


Things to remember

– Guild Library.  The Guild has ten (10) books which can be checked out by members. This is an awesome resource and all it requires is a $5 deposit at the time of checking out the book and it will be refunded if the book is brought back the following meeting.  If not returned the month after borrowing, the deposit will be retained in the library account. See Carol B., who is the guild librarian if you would like to check out a book.

The retreat is full but we do have a waiting list started in case of any cancelations.  Please contact Betty W. if you are wanting to be put on the list.

If you are participating in our Kona Color of the Year Mini Quilt Challenge, there are entry forms available. Mini Quilt Challenge Entry Form

Our next meeting will be April 24thth at the church.  See you then!

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