November Meeting Recap

The November 22nd meeting was a busy one!   We enjoyed treats brought by Leanne Fritz and Viv Browning during our social time before the meeting. In attendance were 37 members and 3 visitors.
Announcements: Program planning for 2017/2018 is already underway! Members please talk to VP Donna Lee or any board member if you have program suggestions.  Bylaws are being revised by the board and will be sent out to members, so they can be reviewed before the vote at the January 24 meeting.
The Social Committee is planning our first social event! Chair Leanne Fritz announced a “Support Your Local Quilt Shop Event!”  The event begins January 1 and culminates with a social on Saturday, January 28.  Look for more details coming in an email………
Be sure to check out the new Modern Quilts and Blocks of the Month on the National Modern Quilt Guild website. There is a great explanation of how to use scale in a quilt, along with lots of pictures and inspiration!  click here MQGBlocksoftheMonth for links to Blocks of the Month.  Very interesting illustrations!
Kathy  won 9 quilt books from Lucky Spool! Thank you Lucky Spool for your generous donation! BNMQG is going to start a library!  Carol Benson kindly volunteered to be librarian!  Thanks, Carol.  The books will be delivered sometime in January. Carol and Kathy will be working on checkout policies, so be ready to read these new books as soon as they arrive!
Tool Tip: the Hera marker marks your fabric with a small crease that will iron away. Find it at quilt shops or online.
HeartBeat Quilts: Kits were picked up by members to be pieced and quilted or just quilted.  They are to be completed and turned in at the January 24 , 2017 meeting.
Pillow Swap: After designing, sewing, and quilting, our pillow tops were exchanged. It was very exciting to see the results! So many beautiful modern pillows!  Boy, modern quilters really were super creative!!
Drawings and Winners: The beautiful black and white raffle fabric was won by Cindy Reynolds.  Pat Messinger won the Door Prize (16″ pillow form) for the Member Survey.  The topic was possible workshop choices. Members could select from the Aeroplane Bag by Sarah Lawson, the Sew Together Bag, “Made Fabric”, and Improv Circles.  Looks like most members are interested in making them all!  An announcement will be made at the January 24, 2017 meeting regarding plans for a Saturday workshop in March 2017.
Program: Where does a person get ideas for modern quilting?  Ann Groonwald gave us some insight into where to find modern quilt inspiration, including Pinterest and the Modern Quilt Guild website. She talked about the new Instagram account for BNMQG and gave directions so members could sign up on the spot!!
Block Lotto  This month we’ll be using the MQG October block of the month. Click here for the pdf to download  theModernQuiltguild Oct.BlockoftheMonth
Show and Tell  Enjoy the slide show of work by our talented members!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Holidays everyone! See you at the next meeting, Tuesday, January 24th. 2017.  The program will be a Design Workshop on the “L” Block given by Kathy Cook

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