A New Year! September 2016 Recap

Hello Modern Quilters! And Happy Birthday to US!  BNMQG celebrated its 4th birthday at the first meeting of the new year.  We were happy to have 3 visitors, 39 returning members and 3 new members.

We’re off to an exciting start. Some new activities and changes included an informative slide show, new room arrangement, a member survey – fun questions to answer that will enter you for a door prize, and a new time for socializing!  Come early at 5:30-6:00 for time to get to know other members and have a little snack.  Leeane Fritz is heading up a new committee- Hospitality- who doesn’t love that?? She will be organizing volunteers to bring light snacks to sample while we visit.  And some of our members come straight from work, so the snacks will be just “a little something” to tide them over.  Email Leanne to sign up for a turn at bringing a salty or sweet snack.

Another change is a new way to line up for show and tell. Also, we will now be laying these items on tables so members can look closer and visit with the makers at the break. That way we can learn and be inspired by each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A guild as active as BNMQG doesn’t just happen by accident. New President Kathy Cook recognized outgoing board members for all the time and effort they have put in over their term.  Each was given a thank you gift from the guild.  New board members Kathy Cook-President, Donna Lee-Vice President, Ann Unes – Secretary, Ann Groonwald –Treasurer and Betty Woodruff-Social Media Coordinator were introduced.  Please let the board know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

HELP WANTED – let us know if you would be interested in helping with the blog and new slideshow.   The more people involved, the more everyone benefits from new ideas and energy!

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Due to a conflict with church activities, our next meeting is moved up a week to OCTOBER 18TH.  Please make a note of it.  Also, October is the last meeting to bring items for the Church Bazaar as a thank you for letting us use the facility at no charge for our meetings.

SERVICE PROJECTS are also going full speed.  Donna Lee reported that BNMQG sent three completed quilts and extra blocks to Orlando, Florida to comfort those affected by the PULSE shootings. Our HeartBeat project for the Intensive Care Nursery continues.  The parents of the babies and the staff all love these cheerful modern quilts!  A service sewing day is scheduled for October 19th at Boline’s. Thank you, Becky!  Dates for the year are here  and will alternate between Boline’s and the church.


One great benefit of belonging to BNMQG is the monthly BLOCK LOTTO. This could be considered a monthly challenge – learning about or designing new blocks and working with new colors.  This month Ann G had 41 of the modern log cabin blocks turned in.  Winners were Betty Woodruff and Pam Laws. It will be fun to see what design they come up with, using those beautiful blocks!



Next month’s BLOCK LOTTO block is called Zen Sunrise. This 9 ½ x 18 ½ block features a pieced circle inset into the background. It’s a beautiful block. Instructions are here. Ann Groonwald and Donna Lee demonstrated the inset circle technique at the meeting. Thank you to them for that- it makes sense once you see it done. The circle can also be appliquéd.  Let’s see lots of blocks turned in at the October meeting!




Winners! We had several!  Connie Borth won the FABRIC RAFFLE and we had two Barbs – Barb Stevens and Barb Baumann- win DOOR PRIZES from participating in the member survey.  Be sure to look for the survey each month for a chance to (1) give your opinion on something, and  (2) a chance to win a door prize.  This month, the survey asked where we felt we were on a scale between the “comfort of traditional quilting” and “all modern, all the time.”  We found many were squarely in the middle, but we had much more on the modern end of the spectrum.  Not surprising, really, but it gave us a chance to think about our quilting style.

September’s PROGRAM was relaxing and wonderful. Yoga instructor Tona Schenck taught Chair Yoga for Quilters.  Stretches for the neck, shoulders and back help counteract the effects of working at the sewing machine. She encouraged us to do these every hour or so.

A PILLOW SWAP was introduced by Kathy. More than 25 members decided to participate!  Get directions here.

And finally, as a “parting gift,” members received a free copy of Modern Quilts Unlimited or Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine.  These were kindly donated by Vicki Anderson, publisher, and Laurie Baker, editor, who both live in central Illinois.  Thank you to Vicki and Laurie!

It was a fun, exciting meeting! Looking forward to the next one on OCTOBER 18th.

Ann Unes,





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